Drawer Sides

At the corner of structure and strength.

The density of Russian Birch Plywood combined with the number of plies sets the stage for clean, solid joinery, which is critical for uncompromising drawer components. Whether you cut grooves, dadoes, rabbets or dovetails, Russian Birch drawer components are attractive uncoated, stained or UV-coated. Uniform thickness makes it easy to edge-band edges with a variety of veneers to create a multitude of design styles.

  • Applications:
  • kitchen cabinets
  • bedroom furniture
  • juvenile furniture
  • Specs:
  • Custom Process: PG Wood Imports works closely with customers and manufacturers to ensure that we deliver exactly what you need. If you do not have a drawing of your own, we will provide one for you. The manufacturer, PG Wood Imports and the end user will all sign off on the same specification. Samples will be approved by the end user before full-scale production begins. We will deliver your drawer components in crates that are on runners, making it easy to load and unload, which reduces the likelihood of damage during transport.


PG Wood Imports guarantees every product. If what you purchased doesn‘t meet your expectations, we will credit your invoice and pick up the product(s) at no cost to you.